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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

My kids, husband and I are no strangers to long road trips. We’ve had more than our share of 12-hour car rides to the Midwest to see our family and friends, and finding ways to entertain ourselves has become something of an art for us. Other than snacks, movies, books, music and a few well-calculated stops for gas, meals and stretching, one of...

Miami Beach Vacation

Destination: Miami Beach

One of my best friends and I recently had a chance to escape to Miami Beach for the weekend and it was fabulous! Neither of us had been there before, but I’m happy to say that we got several things right on this trip that have sometimes eluded us on previous vacations. Our goals are pretty straightforward when we travel – we’re...

Top Tips for Packing a TSA Bag - Peach Blossom Style

Top Five Tips for Packing a TSA Bag

After sharing my tips for traveling with only a carry-on suitcase, I received a few requests for follow-up advice on how to manage a hair and make-up routine while sticking to TSA guidelines. I’m happy to oblige, especially because I didn’t think it would ever be possible for me to fit everything I like to have with me in one little quart-sized...

Vacation Packing Tips and Tricks

Vacation Packing Tips and Tricks

Spring Break is right around the corner and if you’re like me, you’re busy counting down the days until you can jump on a plane and head out of town. What better time to share some Peach Blossom tips for successfully organizing yourself before you go? Before we dive in, I should mention that I hate packing and I’ve never been very good at...

Travel Tips: A Getaway Guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Destination: Puerto Rico

Planning is well underway around here for my annual girls’ trip with one of my best friends – we’ve actually known each other since we were five years old. We survived eight years of Catholic school together, were there for each other during all of the awkwardness of high school (thank goodness social media didn’t exist back then – am I right?),...