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Chambray Tops for Summer

In Search Of: Chambray-Inspired Tops for Summer

Hey there! Thank you for all of the love on my new “In Search Of” style series! So glad it’s been helpful to so many of you! This time around I’m helping out a reader who e-mailed me looking for the perfect summery chambray-inspired top. I’ve searched all of my favorite stores and found lots of cute options! Long-sleeved, short-sleeved, off-the-shoulder, cold-shoulder, striped, solid,...

Spring Hoodies

In Search Of: Spring Hoodies

Well, this request couldn’t have come at a better time! I took the kids over to the Y on Saturday for a little family fitness fun, and on my way out the door I grabbed my trusty old grey sweatshirt. It occurred to me as I looked at its threadbare state that I could really stand to invest in a...

In Search Of: A Kentucky Derby Dress

In Search Of: A Kentucky Derby Dress

Welcome to another edition of “In Search Of” – a new style series where I help you shop for special event outfits or specific pieces you’re looking to add to your closet. My friend is hosting a Kentucky Derby Party in May, and I’m so excited to attend! She’s looking for a little bit of dress inspiration for the occasion, and since I...

Cropped Black Denim Jeans

In Search Of: Cropped Black Denim Jeans

I received an emergency text from one of my best friends the other day. She was at the mall, in search of cropped black denim jeans, and completely frustrated. No stranger to mall frustration myself, and not one to turn down a shopping challenge, I immediately went to work and found some great online options for her. I decided to share...