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Fashion Tips: Comfy Meets Cute

Comfy Meets Cute

When I’m hanging out around the house during the day trying to cross all of the to-do’s off my list – paying the bills, tidying up, cooking, folding yet another load of laundry – I’m all about being as comfy as possible. In the winter months, that usually equals leggings, slippers and cozy pullovers, but if I know that I’ll be...

How to Have Great Hair All Winter Long

Winter Hair Essentials

Although I do love that the winter months provide a good excuse to embrace all things cozy (think hot tea, fuzzy slippers and cuddly blankets), the frigid temperatures and dry air can definitely wreak havoc with any attempts to have a good hair day. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products that do wonders for combating dull, dry hair, frizzy...

Organized Menu Planning Made Easy

Over the last few years, I’ve found that I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen – even with the elusive challenge of making healthy, tasty meals that appeal to the grown-ups, but won’t cause the kids to wrinkle up their noses. This is a departure from the early days when I was first married, working full-time, and somehow continuously found...