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Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

My kids, husband and I are no strangers to long road trips. We’ve had more than our share of 12-hour car rides to the Midwest to see our family and friends, and finding ways to entertain ourselves has become something of an art for us. Other than snacks, movies, books, music and a few well-calculated stops for gas, meals and stretching, one of the things that keeps us from completely losing our minds is the Road Trip Scavenger Hunt we created a few years back.

The way we play is for one person to be in charge of the list (it can be the front-seat passenger or if your kids are old enough to read one of them can take control) while everyone in the car looks for the scavenger hunt items. When someone sees something on the list, they have to call it out and it needs to be seen by at least one other person in the car for it to count. It usually takes us a couple of hours to find everything and is pretty fun for everybody.

Do you have a road trip planned for Memorial Day Weekend? Or summer plans that involve a long time in the car? Click on the picture below and print your own copy to help pass the time!

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Wherever you might be headed, I hope you have a great trip! When you get back home, comment below and let me know what you thought of the Scavenger Hunt!



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