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Spring Hoodies

In Search Of: Spring Hoodies

Well, this request couldn’t have come at a better time! I took the kids over to the Y on Saturday for a little family fitness fun, and on my way out the door I grabbed my trusty old grey sweatshirt. It occurred to me as I looked at its threadbare state that I could really stand to invest in a new one for spring. And wouldn’t you know that I just received a request for some recommendations for lightweight, spring hoodie options? I found quite a few cute ones to pick from – neutrals, colors, even some stripes. It’s hard to chose, but I think I know which one of these I’m going to order…

One – Essential Zip Hoodie (lots of colors to pick from on the website!)

Two – Plush Jersey Zip Hoodie

Three – Relaxed Full-Zip Striped Hoodie

Four – Relaxed Lightweight Hoodie

Five – Dry Tek Long Sleeve Hoodie

Six – Zen Bounce Zip Hoodie

Seven – Space Dye Zip Up Hoodie

Eight – Washed Zip Front Hoodie

Is there anything that you are currently in search of that you are having a hard time finding? I love to help people shop, so email me or comment below and let me know if you have any requests!

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