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What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

I can’t believe we are already nearing the end of March, but I’m excited because that means that today I get to join  ShaySheaffer and Mel for another edition of What’s Up Wednesday! Once a month we all link up to answer these questions:


what we’re eating this week:

I made my super yummy recipe for vegetable lasagna earlier in the week, and we are happily working our way through the leftovers. I make it a point to cook big meals on the rare occasion when we have a quiet evening, because I adore being able to reach for leftovers when things get crazy around here. Be sure to check out my On the Menu series if you are looking for some family-friendly meal inspiration!

what i’m reminiscing about:

I’ve always said that when it comes to parenting, the days can be long, but the years go fast. And when I look back at these sweet little faces I can hardly believe that I have a soon-to-be 15 year old and 12 year old on my hands. (Watch out – the one on the left is getting her driving permit in a few weeks. Gulp.)

what i’m loving:

I love that my almost 12-year-old son still likes to hang out and help me in the kitchen. We made a batch of our favorite Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough a few days ago which is a win-win in my book – fun memories making a bit of a mess in the kitchen together and a sweet treat! All we do is follow the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe on the back of the package, but we eliminate the baking soda and substitute 1/2 cup Egg Beaters in place of the eggs (you know, so we don’t keel over from salmonella poisoning or anything).

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough

what we’ve been up to:

Track meets. Lots and lots of time spent at track meets. Our daughter is a sprinter on her high school team and we love to watch her run and be there to cheer on her team – both the boys’ teams and the girls’ teams compete at the same time, though, so the meets sometimes last up to four hours. It’s a long time to sit on bleachers. Just an observation. But look at this girl go:

Track Meet

what i’m dreading:

Does anyone else dread making phone calls? I’m in search of a new dentist for our family, which means one very awkward phone call to our old dentist to unschedule our upcoming appointments, and several phone calls to other offices to check if they are accepting new patients, if they take our insurance, etc. It’s been on my to-do list for awhile, but I keep finding excellent excuses to put it off. If I could just do all of this via text, I’d be so happy.

what i’m working on:

The previous owners of our house finished the basement before they put it on the market, and it definitely adds a lot of additional living space. The problem is that since we moved in last summer, it has been kind of a catch-all area for our old furniture and doesn’t have a pulled-together look that makes you want to hang out down there too much. Here are some shots of what the space looks like now:

Basement Before

Basement Before

Basement Before

Basement Before

Basement Before

Boring, yes? There is lots of potential, however, and we have big plans for how we’d like to change things up. Our ideas include turning the big open room into more of a dedicated project space for the kids to utilize, sprucing up the decor in the TV room to make it more hang-out friendly, and – this is my favorite – adding a walk-in wine cellar to the kitchenette area. There is open space under the basement stairs (where the refrigerator sits now) that we intend to transform into something magical. When it all finally comes together, I’ll be sure to do a thorough before and after so you can see how it all turned out.

what i’m excited about:

Okay, sometimes it’s the little things, and that’s definitely the case here. But I am so excited about these sparkly hoops I picked up the other day. I have a similar pair that I wear quite often, but they are a little larger and sometimes a bit much for day-wear. This new pair is perfect for adding just the right touch of sparkle to an outfit.

what i’m reading:

I’m currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt and so far I’m enjoying it. It’s a long book, but the writing is really good and the story draws you in right away. Pick up a copy if you are in need of a new book to read! And in case you missed it the first time around, check out my post on The Best Books for Spring Break for more reading recommendations.

what i’m listening to:


Well this is just sad. I’ve added a few new songs here and there, but apparently the last time I did a thorough update to my Work-Out Playlist was in the fall of 2015. Please send recommendations my way for what I should be listening to!

what i’m wearing:

As many spring-like outfits as the weather will allow. And that means lots of florals! If some of the bold prints in the stores right now aren’t quite your thing, check out my tips for Five Easy Ways to Wear Florals.

Floral Purse

what i’m doing this weekend:

Our Spring Break officially starts Friday afternoon after the kids get out of school! We are taking the weekend to relax, and then we’ll be getting ready to head out of town to visit some good friends, which leads me to…

what i’m looking forward to next month:

One of the things that moving around a lot has taught me is that the friends you make each place you live truly become like family to you. During our married life, the closest with have ever lived to our parents and siblings is four states away, which means that lots of holidays and special occasions are celebrated with friends. These are also the people who we know we can rely on in an emergency or to pick our kids up from school if they get sick – something that we’d normally be asking Grandma or Grandpa to help out with. So, leaving good friends behind when we move is hard, but we are super-excited when we get to go back to somewhere we lived before and visit! And we are looking forward to doing that soon!

what else is new:

Came across this quote awhile ago, and it has sort of stuck with me. You may have seen it before, but I thought I’d share it here. Just a good reminder to take a minute and breathe when we start to get worried or stressed out…



That’s all I have for you for this month’s What’s Up Wednesday ! I have a lot of great posts planned for April, so check back often and see what’s new!


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    March 29, 2017

    You all have a great space in the basement!! There are so many possibilities for it. Your vegetable lasagna looks really good. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Reply


      March 29, 2017

      Hi Kelsey! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Wednesday to you, too 🙂

  2. Reply


    March 29, 2017

    I like your Whats Up Wednesday! I really like that quote. I wish I had that to hang up when I was still working. There was always so much drama. Fooled them…I retired. I like the 10 minute workout. I have a few of those of my phone, along with a reminder every morning to do them. Hhmmm…now I know what that strange beeping is at 8:45 every morning. Yes, it’s been that long. Cute earrings. I must have over 50 pair of earrings and now I find I always wear the same 3 pair. Funny how life changes when working every day is behind you. You can’t change the downstairs. That’s my future home. Just kidding! That pile of cookie dough has me making a list of ingredients I need. Remember back when we never cared about salmonella. We never had any dough left to actually make cookies. Fun fact, we lived to talk about it.

    1. Reply


      March 30, 2017

      Yes, we lived dangerously back then, didn’t we?! Don’t worry – we’re just going to make the basement nicer for you, not stop you from moving in 😉

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    April 26, 2017

    I hear you on the basement being a catch all space. We have been in our house for almost 11 years, and right now we are smack dab in the middle of gutting our basement down to the studs. We are getting much more usable space down there.

    Love that quote, I need to find one of those and maybe put it in our renovated basement family room. 🙂


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