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What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday

Today I’m joining Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for my very first What’s Up Wednesday! I’ve followed their online adventures for quite awhile now, so it’s pretty exciting to be linking up with them to share some of what’s been going on around here. Every month we answer these questions:

What's up Wednesday Questions


what we’re eating this week:

I made a big batch of this Mexican Quinoa Salad for dinner one night and served it with quesadillas, and the leftovers have been great for quick and easy lunches this week. I basically love any excuse to eat avocados, and this recipe not only has the chopped avocado in the salad, but also uses mashed avocado in the orange lime dressing to make it creamy. So yummy! You can be civilized and eat it with a fork, but I like to scoop it up with blue corn tortillas chips for a little extra crunch.

Mexican Quinoa Salad


what i’m reminiscing about:

My husband and I took a once in a lifetime trip to Italy last fall to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and it was amazing. Of course, it is Italy – how could it not be? We had gorgeous weather for sightseeing and it was a great mix of exploring on our own, taking part in some guided tours, relaxing over leisurely lunches and dinners, and eating lots and lots of gelato! Full trip report coming to the blog soon, but for now I’ll leave you with this picture I took while touring the quaint fishing village of Varenna on beautiful Lake Como…


what i’m loving:

I started using the Microdelivery Peel by Philosophy once a week, and it’s a game changer. It’s a quick two-step process that only takes three minutes – one minute to massage in the exfoliating vitamin C crystals, one minute to rub in the activating gel, and then one minute to let it sit before rinsing. You’ll notice right away how soft your skin feels, and if you do it in the morning before getting ready for the day, your make-up will go on incredibly smooth.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel


what we’ve been up to:

Planning a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina! We went there once before when the kids were small, but thought it would be fun to go back and explore with them now that they are a little bit older. We’re looking forward to checking out the Biltmore Estate, visiting local restaurants and cute little shops and boutiques (well, that one is more for me and my daughter) and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you’ve visited, what’s on your list of things we need to see or do while we are there?

Biltmore Estate


what i’m dreading:

Hmmm…not sure which to choose – doing our taxes or my upcoming eye doctor appointment?  I guess I’ll go with the eye doctor appointment, mainly because this may be the year that I finally have to listen when the words “multifocal lenses” inevitably come out of the doctor’s mouth. Sigh.

what i’m working on:

I’ve been playing around with trying to give our dining room decor a bit of an update. I’m a bit bored by what’s going on in that room, and the decor I’ve owned for a decade is starting to look a bit tired to me since I’ve basically been recycling the same pieces over and over again every time we’ve moved. Currently I’m buying and arranging (and inevitably returning) pieces to style our buffet. (Sadly, this is my decorating process – buy, try, return, buy more, try again, return. Not very efficient, but in the end I usually find a look I love. I just get there the hard way.) Look for a Dining Room Refresh post soon to see how it all comes together! Here’s a super-boring shot of what I’m working with – the mirror is new and that is definitely staying, but otherwise it’s pretty much a blank slate…



what i’m excited about:

My husband surprised me with Billy Joel tickets for my birthday, and even though the concert isn’t until April, I’m already getting excited. Billy Joel was pretty much the soundtrack to my college years #onlythegooddieyoung, so I’ll definitely be singing along at the concert (my apologies in advance to whoever is sitting around us).

Billy Joel tickets


what i’m watching:

Well, since I’ve already admitted to enjoying the occasional reality TV binge-watch, I might as well go ahead and be honest and tell you that the new season of The Bachelor has been occupying a lot of my time. For me the jury is still out on how I feel about Nick. Didn’t really care for him on Andi or Kaitlyn’s seasons, but then he kind of impressed me on Bachelor in Paradise. I really, really wanted to ask Amanda and Josh what they thought about him being the new bachelor when I ran into them at the airport last fall, but given that Nick kept trying to warn Amanda that Josh was up to no good, I restrained myself. Along with watching the show every week, I also look forward to Sheaffer’s recaps of the episodes – she entertains with a play-by-play of all of the cringe-worthy moments and isn’t too shy to say what we are all thinking!

The Bachelor


what i’m listening to:

See above  – what i’m excited about! As an aside, remember when “My Life” was the theme song to Bosom Buddies starring a young Tom Hanks? Taking a trip down memory lane here. And just look how far Tom Hanks has come since then.

Billy Joel Playlist


what i’m wearing:

Currently I’m all about leggings, cardigans and long t-shirts, but it’s more exciting to tell you about the shopping I’ve been doing for a few new pieces to take on my upcoming Girls’ Getaway Weekend to Miami Beach. I just ordered this dress from The Loft and I’m hoping I’ll love it just as much in person as I do online, because it looks like the perfect thing to wear out on the town.

Loft Cold Shoulder Dress

what i’m doing this weekend:

Shuttling the kids around to their various activities, tackling the piles of much-neglected laundry and housework, and hopefully finding time to finally open up this 2013 bottle of Rosso Veronese that my husband brought home on Valentine’s Day (while catching up on Westworld, of course. Have you been watching? So good!)

2013 Rosso Veronese

what i’m looking forward to next month:

Miami Beach! Girls’ Getaway! Sleeping in! Pool! Sun! Spa! Can you tell that I’m just a little bit pumped for this trip? I mean, look how gorgeous the view from the hotel is…


what else is new:

I have a hair appointment coming up soon, and I’m currently obsessing over this haircut. I have a history of growing my hair out to just past my shoulders, loving it for awhile, and then getting bored. Not sure if I’ll take the plunge this time around, or maybe wait until summer. We’ll see how I’m feeling when my stylist pulls out the scissors!



That’s all for this edition of What’s Up Wednesday! What have you been up to this month? Comment below and let me know!




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    February 22, 2017

    Asheville, my city! Ok I do live about two hours east of Asheville but we still consider it one of our cities since we go there often. There are so many wonderful places to visit – Biltmore is the elephant but don’t forget to see the Thomas Wolfe house and go up to the old asylum where Zelda Fitzgerald died (in a fire…she was locked in a room for therapy.) The Catholic Church and the Baptist Church are worth a little walk through (architecture, you cannot miss them). Have the kids wear their walking shoes and spend a day just walking around the Downtown. Bring some cash to help the starving artists out at the various galleries and sidewalk sellers. Be sure to grab a bite to eat at the Southern Kitchen & Bar (eat outside if possible). I’m not sure if The Table is still open but if it is go. Grab coffee and European pastries at any of the Euro Themed Coffee Shops along the Downtown area. We have a favorite that we can sit in the window at but the name seriously leaves me at the moment. Leave out of the city and go explore areas further north and west. We recommend Dillsboro and Bryson City. They are tiny, beautiful, and so charming with their little shops and eateries. Now I want to go to Miami 🙂

    1. Reply


      February 22, 2017

      Hi Amanda! Wow! Thanks so much for all of your great recommendations! I remember loving Asheville when we were there 10 years ago, but it was a short visit and we didn’t get to explore all that much. I appreciate all of your tips 🙂

  2. Reply


    February 22, 2017

    I am from Asheville! Biltmore is great, but plan to spend whole day so you can walk the grounds. Around April, the most gorgeous tulips bloom! Also, Grove Park is a great place to eat or get a drink… All of our most recent Presidents have stayed there. We have great local restaurants too- Curate was just featured on the Today show. They have great walking tours of the local restaurants. And lots of great breweries and fun arts and craft adventures. 🙂 Can you tell that I am a little biased 🙂

    1. Reply


      February 23, 2017

      Hi Caitlin! Thank you for all of the good ideas! It’s always great to get insider information before a trip!

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    peggy van lake

    February 23, 2017

    That haircut is you. It looks just as good on you blown straight. I think that color would look good on you too. Hmmm? Envious of the Billie Joel concert tickets. My favorites, Neil Diamond and Rod Stewart are both touring this year. Ticket sales came and went. The “Bots” bought up all the good seats in less than 10 minutes. Nothing left for the rest of us. Miami sounds like a great getaway. It’s a nice tradition you two have kept going.

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