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Friday Favorites - Peach Blossom Style

Friday Favorites

Another week has flown by and that means it’s time to link up with ErikaAndrea and Narci for a brand new round of Friday Favorites! I have a little of everything for you this week –  my favorite eyeshadow, a fabulous jewelry purchase, some Valentine’s Day loves, and a bit of information about a cause near and dear to my heart.

Favorite Thing One

When it comes to my make-up routine, I usually keep it pretty simple and stick to a fairly neutral color palette, especially in the eye-shadow department. That’s why it should come as no surprise that when I stopped by the mall this week and all of the bold and bright colors at the Mac Counter reeled me in for a closer look, the only things I actually went home with were my tried and true favorite eyeshadows in Brule and Malt. Brule is a light beige color that’s perfect for applying all over the lid, while I use Malt – a slightly darker and pinker version of Brule – in the crease.  And as long as we’re talking eye make-up, this Mac Paint Pot (I like the shade called Painterly) makes a great foundation for keeping your eyeshadow in place all day long.

Friday Favorites Mac eyeshadow


Friday Favorites Two

While we are on the subject of shopping, I finally broke down and ordered the Pink Ombre Tassel Necklace that I gushed over in my Color Collection: Pretty in Pink post. It’s just as pretty in person as it is online, and right now all jewelry at White House Black Market is Buy One, Get One 50% off. Check it out if you are looking for some cute accessories for spring!

Favorite Things Three

Of course, I can’t let this edition of Friday Favorites go by and not mention Valentine’s Day. My husband came home with this gorgeous bouquet (I love that he chose PEACH roses) and a sweet card, and we were able to sneak  off to an afternoon lunch date while the kids were in school. Daytime dates are one of my favorite things, along with pretty flowers on the kitchen island to brighten up the room.



Friday Favorites Four

Speaking of sweet things, my daughter saw that I was super-busy and stressed out on Saturday and made me this yummy lunch – avocado toast with a tomato and hard-boiled egg side salad. She went way above and beyond the pb&j that I was going to try to throw together for myself really quick. Wasn’t that thoughtful? Moments like this give me hope that we’re going to survive the teenage years after all.

Friday Favorites avocado toast


Favorite Things Five

On a more serious note, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention that February is Congenital Heart Disease Awareness month. CHD has personally touched the lives of several people very close to me. It is truly extraordinary watching the strength of the families, and especially the children themselves, as they navigate their way through multiple surgeries, hospitalizations and recoveries. Currently, little is known about how we can prevent congenital heart defects, and although medical advances are helping these children live longer and fuller lives, there is no cure. Eliminating CHD is dependent on raising awareness and supporting the research needed to better understand the causes behind this disease. If you are interested in learning more, the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association and the Saving Tiny Hearts Society are two great places to start. It would definitely be on the top of my list of favorite things if together we could find a way to put an end to CHD.

Friday Favorites CHD


Thanks for stopping by and for all of the love you have shown me as Peach Blossom Style gets off the ground! Do you have a favorite post so far? Comment below and let me know which one!


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    peggy van lake

    February 17, 2017

    I love it all but I especially like your Must haves. I always knew you were a “fashionista”. I was so happy to see your post on CHD. Research is making great advances, but it still remains the most underfunded research for one of the common birth defects.

    1. Reply


      February 18, 2017

      Thanks! Yes, the more people who learn about CHD the closer we can hopefully get to a cure!

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